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STOP procrastinating with the Spanish

Learn Spanish fast, even if you don't have much time or are not good with languages

Learn Spanish in a fun and easy way with our 7-weeks online program for just

$249 $99


“I took the program with Elena and I really enjoy it! The level was fair for me, not very difficult. I have learned important words and phrases to communicate well on my vacations in the south of Spain.”

– Irene Wiegelman




I am Elena, a 45 y.o. woman from Seville, Spanish teacher by profession and traveler by vocation.

I have been teaching Spanish around the world for years. In addition, I have learned 3 languages with great difficulty. All this has helped me to know how to learn and teach a language correctly.

I know the difficulties of travelling to countries with different cultures and languages, so I have joined my profession and my passion to help other travelers to live a more intense experience.


7-week basic Spanish online program through Spanish culture which lead you to communicate with local easily.


You will learn how to greet and introduce yourself in a basic way, to give and ask for the time, to identify a date in Spanish, to say what you like and what you don’t like.


Grammar: Definite articles, personal pronouns, gender and number, determinate articles


You will learn how to introduce yourself more deeply, give and receive more detailed information, for the moments when you are talking to an Andalusian local who will make you some questions, or when you have to fill in a form in a hotel or at the airport.


Grammar: Regular verbs, reflexive verbs, possessives articles, interrogative particles, special letters and pronunciation


With this module you will learn to identify people: your neighbour, my friend or your mother, and to describe them both physically and internally.


Grammar: Saxon genitive, relative pronoun «que», indeterminate articles, comparatives, irregular verbs, verbs to describe people


Here you will learn how to ask where the cathedral is and understand the answer! You will be able to give and receive information about locations, and you will not get lost because you will understand the directions given by the locals.


Grammar: Difference between verbs «ser» and «estar», adverbs of place, imperative 1, verbs to indicate directions, differences between «dónde hay» and «dónde está» 


It is very important to be able to buy in the shops, to know the name of the products, to ask how much things cost, or to pay. If you are going to stay in an apartment where you can cook, it will be good for you to know how to buy a kilo of tomatoes or a loaf of bread. And if not, you will always want to buy some clothes, some souvenirs, or tickets for a monument.


Grammar: Differences between «ir a» and «tener que», demonstrative pronouns, description of objects, verbs to buy, gerund (present continuous)

WEEK 6-7

Here you will learn two fundamental things: how to get around in a hotel, make reservations, check in or solve a problem that arises, as well as to order in a restaurant. It is important to know the food and the typical dishes, so that you can ask for more sangria or another tapa.————————————– 

Grammar: Verb «hacer» (to do), temporal questions, verb «querer» (to want), hotel related verbs, restaurant related verbs, imperative 2, suggestions, verbs+ personal pronouns


6 E-books: What you can't miss in the South of Spain

  • Easter, "la Feria" and "El Rocío": 3 festivals you must see at least once in your life

  • Common festivals to all Andalusia

  • Specific festivals and events in each province

  • Specific Festivals and events of Seville city

  • Tapas and Andalusian wines: the definitive guide

  • The most beautiful Andalusian villages that you can't miss

  • 4 exercise and grammar books

  • 4 exercise and grammar books in case you want to practice and complement your learning

  • 2 extra bonuses

  • A helpful e-book about "Health and other troubleshooting", to make your travels to Andalusia run smoothly

  • A downloadable E-book with a summary of everything learned for you to take on your trips

  • ALL for the incredible discounted price of

    $249 $99



    THE PLAN is an intensive 7–week online Spanish program whose main goal is that when you travel to a Spanish-speaking country, you can communicate with the locals, and thus improve your experience.

    When you speak Spanish, it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. The important thing is that people understand you. Like me, my English is very bad, I know, but if you understand me I have achieved my goal. 

    What is special about us? 

    We have created a really new way of teaching: we will teach you Spanish through the south of Spain culture, so that you will learn a lot of Spanish, but also a lot about our land, our character, our traditions and our festivals. Southern Spain is a very special land, and Andalusians, very peculiar people.

    And you will learn with our new «Word Substitution Method», with which you will learn almost without realizing it, in a fun and fluid way, and without a big effort.


    Spanish and English share many words that are so similar that they do not need to be translated. Those words will appear directly in Spanish in texts about Andalusia. 

    Then there are simple, basic and frequently used words that will be substituted first with the translation, and then without it. 

    As you pass the mouse on top of them, you’ll see the translation, so that you can first think about it and then see if you were right. The rest of the words we’ll learn will be written in Spanish gradually throughout the program.

    As you progress through the weeks, the texts will have more words in Spanish and less in English, so that in the last module most of the words will be in Spanish, and you will be able to understand it. 

    You will not realize that you are learning Spanish, but you will be surprised by the results at the end of the program. That is THE PLAN!

     When you travel and you are able to understand what is going on, your experience changes completely and becomes something unique that is enjoyed twice as much.

    - Jimmy D Ausemus - former student

    We think «THE PLAN» is so good that we have 

    the best risk-free warranty:

    You can try the PLAN during 14 days, and if you don’t like it, or you decide it is not for you,

    we’ll give you the money back, no questions!

    You just have to write us an email, and we’ll do the refund without any question.



  • You will be able to talk with locals to know where is the best place to eat croquetas or where to buy the best jamón serrano.

  • You will make friends because you can communicate with the locals, so your experience will be much more authentic.

  • You won't miss even the small events during your visit because you can ask the locals.

  • You can ask in Spanish for directions and understand the answer. That's where the challenge is!

  • You will discover small villageslocal traditions and nice spots off the beaten path, where tourist don't use to come.

  • You will be able to order in a restaurant, to ask where is the cathedral, to buy fresh fish in the fish market, a ticket for a visit or to reserve a room.


    Some pages of our Ebooks

    This is what our happy students say about the PLAN

    I was one of the first students of «the Plan» and fell completely in love with it.

    Not only for the ease with which I learned from scratch, but also for the fun of its anecdotes and the fantastic tips I learned about Andalusia, its customs, its festivals, etc … I finally understood what was «El Rocío»!

    I 100% recommend making the plan before traveling to Andalusia, because you are going to enjoy 10 times more!

    Jimmy D. Ausemus

    From San Francisco, USA

    I took the program with Elena and I really enjoy it!

    The level was fair for me, not very difficult. I have learned important words and phrases to communicate well on my vacations in the south of Spain.

    Good pronunciation was also important.

    Elena is a nice and very patient teacher. I loved learning Spanish with the Plan.

    And moreover, I loved the tips I learned about Andalusia. I have already noted down some places I don’t want to miss in my next visit!

    Irene Wiegelman

    from Germany

    The program with Elena was a great fortune for me. The exercises were always for my level. I always had the feeling that she had found exactly what I had the hardest time learning.

    Although some things seemed difficult for me, we always wanted to study together and laugh at the topics of the texts, or we also had very interesting conversations.

    I loved that I could also always come with my questions or topics that interested me, and we solved them together.

    Thanks to her my Spanish has been improved with a lot of fun.

    Lisa B.

    from Germany

    Elena was my first Spanish teacher and sparked my interest in the language even more.

    Elena is a very intelligent and friendly person. The program was always interesting, varied, informative, funny, and I was never bored.

    I only have the best memories and I can recommend her 100%.

    Angelika Beier Witt

    from Germany

    Why you should try "THE PLAN" with us?

  • Unlike other courses, our program is created and carried out by native Andalusians.

  • You'll learn Spanish from Spain. In other courses you will find many words and expressions from Latin America that will be of little use to you if you travel to Spain.

  • We have simplified the basic Spanish as much as possible. We will show you some "shortcuts", so with very little effort you will be able to communicate with the locals.

  • You won't have to memorize, just do the exercises and keep yourself focused.

  • We know what are the needs of a traveller like you, so we'll provide you with amazing tips that will make your travels run smoothly.

  • Because we are starting this project that we have done with all our love and we want it to work with all our hearts. We will do everything in our power to make you happy, because that will be our success.

  • I'm sure you have a lot of questions...

  • I don't know any Spanish, is this program for me?

  • It is perfect, because we will start from scratch and in a very simple and fun way. Just give us a chance, you have nothing to lose 😉

  • If I know a bit of Spanish, is this program for me?

  • If you know a little Spanish this program is for you too. You will be able to refresh the knowledge you already have and you will surely learn new things 😉

  • I've already tried to learn Spanish and I haven't succeeded. Why is the plan different?

  • For many different reason: First, because we have created the «word substitution method» with which you’ll learn without realizing it, as you will see and learn Spanish words as long as you progress in the platform. Second, because we have learnt different languages with this method and it works. And third, because we have taught Spanish with this method, and our students have learned. 

  • I'm not good at languages, will the plan work for me?

  • Neither I! But with this method I have learned 3 new languages. We’ve designed the plan to make learning as easy as possible. You will not speak fluently at the end of the program, as it is a basic level, but it will help you interact with the locals in a simple way. We have designed THE PLAN so that, with the minimum effort and knowledge, you can understand what is going on around you when you visit our country.

  • If I decide this is not for me, can I get my money back?

  • Sure. If in the first 14 days you decide this is not for you or you just don’t like it, just send us an email, and we’ll refund you your money with no questions. 

  • Can I do the program as many times as I want?

  • Of course! When you purchase the program, you have lifetime access to it, including all the updates we may do in the future. So you can come back once and again as many times as you want. 

  • Do I have any support if I have a doubt or a problem?

  • Yes, you can join us by email and ask your questions or tell us if you have any issue with the platform. We’ll be back to you as soon as possible.


    $249 $99


    OK, we'll be honest. This program is not for everybody.

    THE PLAN IS for you if

  • You love Spanish language and are committed to yourself enough to finally learn it in an easy way.

  • You love trying new things and the challenges that come with it.

  • You think that knowing the language of the country you travel to will greatly improve your experience.

  • You consider that the best of the trips is to be able to interact with the locals and thus to make friends.

  • You are a traveler at heart who likes to live different experiences from other tourists.

  • THE PLAN IS NOT for you if

  • You think it's impossible for you to learn anything new.

  • You're not committed enough to yourself to move forward.

  • You don't think your trips can be better than they already are.

  • You don't think that being able to interact with the locals is an advantage when you travel.

  • You already have a good level of Spanish.

  • Are you decided to learn Spanish?

    What you will get with this Spanish program

    Remember that you have a 14-day money-back guarantee

  • Unlimited access for life to our 7 complete learning-modules of basic Spanish through stories about Andalusia, with anecdotes, images, videos, audios and exercises, as well as all the updates we may make in the future.

  • 6 e-books with extra information and secrets about Andalusia that you will not find in the travel guides.

  • exercise and grammar books in case you want to practice and complement your learning.

  • A helpful ebook about "Health and other troubleshooting", with which you will have all the information about what to do in case of illness or an emergency during your stay in Andaucía.

  • downloadable document with a summary of everything learned during the 7 weeks of the program so that you can take it with you on your trips to Andalusia or other Spanish-speaking countries.

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